Saturday, November 27, 2010

Where Did My Kids Go??

I took Payton, Logan, and Jackson to McDonald's today after running some errands. I ordered them each a Happy Meal and when I got the food, they came right over to the table. They all got the same toy and the older boys wanted to exchange them so I let them go up to the counter by themselves. I stood nearby to make sure they didn't cut in line or forget to say "thank you", but they did beautifully! I was so proud of them! They came back to the table and continued to eat. Logan was about half way done eating when he realized he wanted ranch. I felt confident enough that he could go by himself, so I sent him off after reminding him to say thank you. He was taking a little longer than I thought he should have so I got up and looked in his direction just in time to see the lady behind the counter giving him cookies! I started walking towards him when I heard him say, "I need 3.", gesturing with 3 fingers held up. At the time I thought he was asking for 3 ranch dressings, but later realized he was asking for a third cookie for Jackson. The woman at the counter had seen Logan with Payton while they were exchanging their toys so she had given him 2 cookies. And he was trying to get a third for Jackson! Such a sweet little moocher! I thanked the woman at the counter and she just kept saying "He is so CUTE!" (refer to my previous post "This One's Gonna Be Trouble..."). I have no idea if he asked for the cookies or if she just gave them to him, but either way we got 2 free cookies! For the rest of the meal, all three of them stayed seated and ate their entire meal, fries and all, without me having to coax, feed, or bribe them. Amazing! Payton will usually eat half a burger and ask to play. Logan will do his best to eat only the fries and Jackson plays musical chairs eating everyone else's food but his own. But not this magical meal! What great kids! I have no idea where my real kids went while we were at McDonald's but don't worry! They came back full force once we got home...and I hope those other kids come back more often!

(While writing this, Payton has been in time out for kicking Logan who took his McDonald's toy, Logan was running around saying he is a girl, Jackson was crying because I wouldn't let him help me type this post, Payton asked for a cup twice in the span of 1 1/2 hours even though he had one at McDonald's and another when we got home, Jackson let himself out the front door and was throwing dirt from the planter, then proceeded to run when he saw me coming, I had 3 requests for food and 3 requests for TV/movie, and after I put Jackson to sleep (and thought I could finally finish this post), Logan went back in his room and turned the light on. My real kids are back...)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Family Pictures (Preview)

I am really excited about how our family photos turned out so Kristy is letting me share some of them. (just kids pics not all of em). We had gone to the parade that mornin and the kids had their flags with them and the colors turned out amazing.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day Parade

I took the older boys to the parade today while kristy slept off an all night shift. Boy did they have a blast. Not sure who was more excited to see the big army vehicles and guns them or me. ;0)
Here are some of the pictures. God Bless. - Moose