Friday, March 27, 2009

It is Finished!

Thanks to the help of Great uncle Furman and Kristy's Dad Craig we did it. It even withstood the wind storm last night. Thanks to all of you who pitched in and got this for the kids birthday. We love you all. - Moose

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It has begun...

The boys got a swingset for their birthday and now Moose has the pleasure of putting it together. Here are the pics so far...

He looks pretty confused doesn't he!! He's actually just putting wood sealant on.
My dad, Uncle Furman and Moose double checking the instructions one more time...

It's starting to look like a swing set!!

And Payton is helping too!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Payton and Logan!!!

We had a couple of parties for Payton and Logan who turned 3 and 2 this past week. Here are a bunch of photos...there was lots of people, lots of food, and lots of dessert!!

Uncle Robert, Logan, and cousin Jenny

Cousin Mason and Mylie, Logan, Jackson, and Payton

Aunt Jennifer and Payton

The boys are helping themselves to Moose's fruit creation

Monday, March 16, 2009

6 years ago I married my dream girl, I married my dream girl (ok stop singing)

Sorry guys this one is kinda long but yesterday was our 6 year anniversary and given our financial state we realy didn't get anything for each other so i figured i would let you all in on a very special time in our lives.

Looking back on March 15th 2003 and the preceding months on the large perspective view of 6 years later it's easy to see why people thought we wouldn't make it. Kristy was 18, given a mature 18 but still 18. I was 23 going on 14 and a half, a cradle robber by most accounts, i wasn't driving at the time as opposed to now, when, i am well still not driving. I was makin about 6 dollars and 8 cents an hour and Kristy had just started working at Gainey Hotel. We didn't have much money but were in love and had been dating for 4 months (5 months if you count the month she was on vacation on her summer trip with her grandparents) so with our few hundred dollars, no credit, minimum wage jobs, the cradle robber and the babe decided to get hitched. Of course the next time we went to see her family her dad literally had the "how do you plan to support my daughter talk." I didn't even know those talks actually existed but they do. He was shy at first, he started by asking "um, so how do you plan on supporting my daughter in the way she is accustomed." Ok so maybe shy wasnt the right word, squeeze my balls direct was more acurate. I rambled on for about 15 minutes, enough to suffice for then but the bottom line was there was no plan. It's the way I had always lived my life but these people were planners. I know they had to be thinkin "ooohhhh crap, this is why you don't send your daughter to youth group that are boy girl." ) There was probably more but that's the edited readers digest version. (that's where we met at my dad's youth group he hosted at our house every wednesday night. She was the cute girl who came over every wednesday night and I was the lurking cradle robber who liked the attention.

But for all our differences and different upbringings Kristy and I had 2 major things in common, we loved each other and we both relied on God, both traits you can only inherit from your parents. There were a lot of talks and tears, there was fear, lots of family meetin's and to be honest I am still so impressed by her parents. Hearing our young, loved filled, somewhat blind "plans" they had to have them saying "You guys are not ready yet, why don't you wait." and they had to be screaming "Dude why don't you just leave us alone, what the heck happened this last 6 months." But they never questioned us or our motives, never asked us to wait, they never said any of those things. They prayed and they handled it better than they may think they did. Sure there were tough times but all they ever questioned was our planning (which to be honest I really needed) never our dedication, love, or our relationship and that means a lot even now, I love you guys.

So on faith and love we got married on a beautiful saturday afternoon in March. Everything was perfect. We did pictures before the wedding and I kept thinking "I don't deserve her. She is too perfect, and I knew God had his hands all over this and there was no way we could fail." 6 years later I still feel the same way. When I see her holding our kids, watch her sleeping, the way she looks at me after i put my foot in my mouth for the thirteenth time that afternoon, the way she holds me, the way she changes a dirty diaper, the way we make love, I know "I don't reserve her, she's too perfect, and I knew God ad his hand all over this and there's no way we can fail." Right now we have 3 boys under 3, Payton just started special education preschool, Logan's in his terrible 2's, and Jackson just got out of the NICU. I was laid off just as all the bills started pilling up and there's a chance we may loose our house in the not so far off future. But there she is standing by me and I know how proud I and her parents are of her but just imagine how proud God is of her right now. He is saying "Right now you are under attack by the evil one. Many would have cracked a long time ago but you are closer to me than ever." She is so sweet and quiet and loving that it's easy to look past the fact that deep down she is a fighter, a freakin brawler and the devil aint gonna win this thing. We know things will probably get harder but we are at peace because are and have always lived our lives by God's laws.

Kristy you are my love, my inspiration, my pride, my support, my friend, my rock, my prayer, my peace, my reason for wanting to be better, my heart, my one and only lover, my wings, but most of all you are my wife and I pray I never loose sight of just how lucky I am.

March 15, 2003

Friday, March 13, 2009

God answers prayer

Thinking back on the week of Jackson's birth, in the moment, Moose and I couldn't help but worry and see all the bad things happening around us. I shouldn't say bad (the birth of your son could never be bad!) but certainly unexpected. Jackson was 6 weeks early and there was certainly a lot of stress with deciding to go ahead with delivery and having a baby in the NICU. Then to learn about Moose being let go, it almost seemed too much to bear. Now, with being able to look back on the events, all of them have been an answer to prayer. We had prayed for a healthy baby and our prayer was answered. We had also prayed for more time together, in which we got an unexpected answer, but none the less, now we have had lots of! The Bible says everthing is in God's timing and that He knows better than we do. I have a new appreciation for that after Jackson's birth. If we had been able to choose our timing, Jackson would still not be here. But God knew that Jackson would have a better chance of being healthy if he were early. After he was delivered, we learned he had a knot in his cord and it was wrapped around his neck. Had he been full term, he most certainly would have had complications at birth. And the timing of Moose's lay off enabled him to be there for me and Jackson during our hospital stays and for all of us here at home. Otherwise, he would have only been able to take a week and a half off. Although this whole ordeal isn't over yet (we eventually will have to go back to earning money :0)), we have to stand back and appreciate God's timing and answer to prayer. We have to trust that He has a plan for us in all of this that only He knows and that it will be better than what we can invision.

Thank you Lord that you know better than we do. Continue to bless our family and friends around us. Amen.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Payton's 1st day of Preschool

It went very well. He was really excited all morning mainly because I tried to be excited every time I talked about it even though I was screaming "he's too young" on the inside. I dropped him off out front with his teachers and he loved seeing the bus up close. There were a few tears and a few screams and then Kristy and I pulled ourselves together and Payton cried a little also. Just kidding everyone did great. I think logan took it the hardeast of any of us he didn't understand why he wasn't going anywhere but we went and read some books and he calmed down. As you will see in the video at the bottom Jackson didn't take to well to it either as he has one of the gnarliest most disturbing noises ever. Overall A+++

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zoo trip

Zoo memberships are great. We have had one for a few years and its a great place to wear out the kids, or watch them get attacked by ducks. Either way its a great time and this time of year all the animals are really active. Here are some pics and videos with more tomorrow.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Logan eating cereal (aka A Mess)

Too Cute!!

We caught Payton checking himself out in a mirror while eating goldfish crackers...

VisionWalk 2009

We went to VisionWalk again this year and had a blast. The kids were in the bounce house for a solid hour and we walked with our family to support research for Retinitis Pigmentosa, the blindness disease my dad and his brother have. Here are some pics...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Was another good day. The bys are gettin used to Jackson and Logan has entered this weird phase where he kisses everyone and everything. Jackson, Me, Kristy, Turtle tanks, Chairs, Butts, kinda weird but cute too. Here is baby Jackson after his first real bath. All the x rated pics we took will be held untill the proper birthday for embarassment purposses.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Jackson Update

Jax had his 2 week visit today and he is doin great. He now weighs 5 pound 5 ounces up from 4 pounds 11 ounces last week. He is still really fragile and secuptible to sickness but he is doin great. Odd side note however. The doctor gave Kristy 2 doses of steroids in the hospital before she delivered so that his lungs would get stronger before he came out. Now he has a lot of acne on his face and some on his back because of it the doc said. Does that mean Kristy will be breakin out soon all over also. Is there a possibility i should fear becoming a victim of Roid rage either by the hand of my crazed roided up wife or by the gangly flailing limbs of my 2 week old going through withdrawl. I dunno just a thought.