Tuesday, January 31, 2012

50's Girls!

Need some inspiration for Mom's upcoming 50th Birthday Party (which is February 25th for those who were wondering!), here are some ideas for the girls...

This is the classic poodle skirt look...pink skirt with white poodle, black belt at the waist, white shirt, a high pony tail with matching scarf, and black and white saddle shoes.

This is a bit more sexy with the scarf around the neck, a less full skirt, and high heals.

Here is another version with cat eye glasses and keds.

This look may be a little harder to find but note the theme of a full A line skirt and waist belt.

This is what I call the Grease look. She is wearing a Pink Ladies jacket, black capri's, scarf around the neck, with a high pony tail and high heels.

If you dare...This is the sexy look! Tight fitting Pink Ladies jacket, tight black leggings with high heels.

Another sexy look with an off the shoulder shirt.

For those of us with shorter hair and cannot do the high pony tail, here is an alternative...

I can't wait to see all the looks everyone comes up with! Stay tuned for guy ideas and a tutorial on how to make your own poodle skirt! It's cheap and easy!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mom's Turning 50! Sneak Peek...

Captive Shot Birthday

Cards for all occasions: Valentine's Day, Easter & Mother's Day.

View the entire collection of cards.

Here are the invitations you all should receive in the mail in the next week or two. Start getting your outfits together and keep checking back for outfit ideas!

Monday, January 23, 2012

New things...

It's always exciting to get new things! Moose got a new piece of art, which for now is located above our bed. Our newly decorated bed! Take a look...

I also finished my first Pinterest project...a Valentines wreath. So pretty! For those who don't know, Pinterest is a very addiciting website where you can get ideas. Anything from decorating, organizing, hair and makeup. Like I said, it is very addicting! Just a warning...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Who's That???

Could you figure it out? It's Jackson! Yes, I finally did it. Logan said, "That's the three year old hair cut." Payton said, "I'm gonna call him Payton cause now he looks like me." You can hear Jackson's own comments about it in the video below.

Here is a before pic...

Here's what Jax had to say...