Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blood, Sweat, and No Fear!

Did a 16 mile Bike followed by a 3 mile run into work today. Sweated more than I think I ever have. Here is a disgusting picture of my shirt. The shirt was light blue, all the darker areas are sweat and the dark brownish colored area on the right side of the picture...thats blood. I felt it burning but around the 2nd mile running i blocked it out and hit "the zone" got to work to find my nipple bleeding. Guess i can block out about anyhing if i can put that outta my mind. :o) keep rockin!

Friday, June 3, 2011

God's Timing

Have you ever known that God has put you in the right place at the right time? On May 31st, on my 27th birthday, God knew exactly where he wanted Moose and I to be. This day was the first time we'd gone hiking since we were dating. I wanted to get way from life for a little bit for my birthday and this 4-6 hour hike into a canyon to see Fossil Creek waterfalls was what I wanted to do. We started the day with massages, Jason's Deli for lunch and by the time we arrived to the trail head in Strawberry it was 2pm. We knew it would be about dark when we got back to the car, but started out anyways. About 20 minutes into the hike, we saw a woman walking up the trail towards us. She asked if we had a phone because her dad needed help. He couldn't make it out of the canyon. Moose ran ahead to find the guy and I stayed with her until she got off the phone with 911. She went back up to the parking lot to meet parametics and I started down again to see if I could help. Moose had found the guy passed out under a tree about 15-20 more minutes down the trail. After splashing him down with water, the guy regained consciousness and was able to continue up the trail, resting every 20-30 feet or so. Finally a rescuer came down and brought him the rest of the way out on an ATV. His daughter called us a few hours later to say he was doing okay and was being treated at the hospital. She wanted to thank us for being there and helping them. That was definitely God's work. That my sister was able to babysit for us and that we chose to hike, and that we had started out late! By the time we weren't needed anymore, it was too late to make it down to the falls. But we were able to drive down closer to the water and swim in the river. And judging by the drive down, it would have been a very long and hard hike, so it's probably best we didn't do it!

The rest of the trip went beautifully. We both got the time we needed to reconnect to each other and God. But He wasn't done working yet. Robert (my brother-in-law for those who don't know) used our other car while we were gone and noticed that the tires were in pretty bad shape. So Moose took the car up to Discount Tires and they said the metal wires were poking out of them! I guess they were in really bad shape! When they replaced them, they said to have the brake fluid checked, so Moose took the car right across the street to Brake Masters. They told us there was a leak and we had almost no brake fluid and were 2 weeks away from complete brake failure! WOW! To know the tires and brakes were that bad, it was only God who saved us from a really bad accident. The weekend prior, I had driven it to Westgate, then my parent's house, and home! Definite praise to God and thanks to Robert! The unfortunate news is that the repairs to the brake system along with a few other problems with the car that Brake Masters found, it is not worth saving the car. So...we will be a single car family again for a while until we decide how to move forward. Prayers for that, please!

My favorite verse seems appropriate for these last few days...
"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. I will counsel you and watch over you." Psalms 32:8

Keep your ear out and watch for God's instruction. What may seem an unusual direction to take may be God teaching you in the way you should go. He may have someone down that path that will be important in your life.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trip to Strawberry.

For Kristy's birthday we went to Strawberry, AZ just north of Payson. It was so great getting out of the city, hiking, swiming in the falls, being a couple again. We both miss just being us so we'll definatly do this again soon. Thanks Kelly and Robert for the help. I love you Kristy, Happy 27th Birthday.

we found a random axel at the river side and looked up to see a 60's-70's car that took a rolling tumble down the cliff side we drove in on. Heres Kristy with the car parked upside down in the middle of a tree.