Sunday, March 13, 2011

I know, I know...I haven't posted in a while. Not much to report on here. I worked the last couple of nights and now I am recovering, enjoying a nice day of rest. Went to church (heard some awesome music), ate at Dickies BBQ for lunch with Mama, Pops, and Jin-jie (that's what the kids called Aunt Jennifer), and we stopped by Toys R Us on the way home and the boys spent their birthday money on new Nerf guns. These guns are awesome! They are easy to load and shoot so I don't have to cock them anymore! Yeah! The big boys (Moose, Payton, and Logan) even braved the pool today, which is still way too cold for my tastes. Hope all is well for everyone else...I am working on the kids' birthday party so be looking out of the evite! It will be around lunchtime on March 27th, so save the date!

Here we are playing with the new guns...Jackson got creative when he realized it was too heavy for him to hold up.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where has all the food gone?

My kids have eaten 7 oranges today, assuming Moose only gave them one this morning. And I am not talking about Cuties here. They are full sized oranges. Thanks to great grandma, we've gotten them free from her tree. Otherwise I would be spending a small fortune! I thought I'd have a few more years before I would be able to say, "they are eating me out of house and home". We've gotten to the point that we'd have to order 2 pizza's to satisfy them all, and Moose is dieting! Moose helped some friends move this past weekend and took the older boys with. They ordered pizza and Payton ate 4 slices! Four! I usually eat 2! All of them can easily polish off entire Happy Meals. I can't fathom having to order off the adult menu to feed my (almost) 5 year old! Here is your answer to "How are you so thin, Kristy?" Because don't have time to eat and because I can't keep food in my house! By the time I finish making 3 kids' plates and start making my own, they have finished and want a snack. UGG! It's exhausting! Will they ever slow down again? I see in my future ordering 4 pizzas for family dinner night! OMG! I have to start making more money! :0)