Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where has all the food gone?

My kids have eaten 7 oranges today, assuming Moose only gave them one this morning. And I am not talking about Cuties here. They are full sized oranges. Thanks to great grandma, we've gotten them free from her tree. Otherwise I would be spending a small fortune! I thought I'd have a few more years before I would be able to say, "they are eating me out of house and home". We've gotten to the point that we'd have to order 2 pizza's to satisfy them all, and Moose is dieting! Moose helped some friends move this past weekend and took the older boys with. They ordered pizza and Payton ate 4 slices! Four! I usually eat 2! All of them can easily polish off entire Happy Meals. I can't fathom having to order off the adult menu to feed my (almost) 5 year old! Here is your answer to "How are you so thin, Kristy?" Because don't have time to eat and because I can't keep food in my house! By the time I finish making 3 kids' plates and start making my own, they have finished and want a snack. UGG! It's exhausting! Will they ever slow down again? I see in my future ordering 4 pizzas for family dinner night! OMG! I have to start making more money! :0)

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Leah said...

imagine when they are all three in high school. oh goodness!