Monday, February 28, 2011

OH BOY February! Army men and poop. yup poop.

The month of February can be summed up by 2 words- army & poop. The boys, especially Logan have been on an army kick. building army bases with all their toys, dressing up, even requesting the army channel instead of cartoons. Logan wakes up ine morning and when asked if he wants breakfast he says no army men dont have breakfast just apple juice. 20 minutes later..."Daddy i think army men have eggos." Here are some pics. The second pic is of a paper i made for Logan with his favorite army pics and 2 of him being an army man for halloween. the 1st is him holding my (unloaded so please no need to call cps) pellet gun.

Then theres the stomach bug. All the kids got it at random times throughout the month. They all took their turns throwing up filling diapers and underware. Then one morning Jax exploded. Bed sheets were thrown out, the crib had a deep clean, clothes were trashed. Here are some pics and no thats not paint or chocolate.

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