Friday, April 27, 2012

Is it over yet?

Well, we've had a very interersting, busy, tiring few days!  The bug guy came, confirmed we have bed bugs, and gave us a gazillion instructions on how to prep the house for treatment.  Here's a look at the list...
  1. All clutter picked up and put away. 
  2. All food put in oven, microwave, or dishwasher.
  3. Wash everything that is washable (which included 9 hours, 20 loads, and $77 in quarters)
  4. All upholstered items that aren't washable needed to be vacuumed.
  5. Vacuum carpet.
  6. All furniture pulled away from the walls and baseboards vacuumed.
  7. Everything off the walls and boxed.
  8. Cover boxes and loose items with plastic.
And do all that in 36 hours.  Are you exhausted yet?  Then there was the post treatment list...
  1. Do not enter apartment until 3 hours after treatment.  Open window and turn on A/C to ventilate.
  2. Change air filter.
  3. Vacuum all carpet and baseboards within 24 hours of treatment and everyday for the next two weeks.
  4. Clean all surfaces where pesticide could have settled.
  5. Steam clean carpets 12 days after treatment.
Ugg!  I've had to miss two shifts at work to be able to get all this done with help!  Because we are so close to moving into our new house, we packed everything we won't need in the next 2 weeks and took it to my sister's or my in-law's house.  Bed bugs are killed most effectively with high heat, so all our furniture will be taken to a storage unit in the next few days here to bake in the AZ heat.  We are currently living with my in-laws who were nice enough to have us!  I couldn't have gotten all this done without the help of our families!  They've helped box, pack, move, clean, vacuum, transport, and store our belongings and watch the kids so I could attempt to handle this mess!  Thank you guys!

Our closing date for the house was extended to next wednesday although we are hoping the paperwork will be finished by monday...

And if you were wondering about the doesn't look good.  The $100 fix was done but now it won't start.  The mechanic is still working on it, so I haven't lost hope yet.  But if you have some extra prayers, send them our way!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Been a while...

Well, here is a run down of the last couple weeks.

  • I started back at school, an easy computer class to satisfy a degree requirement
  • Moose is still working both jobs, staying busy!
  • Kids got sick, the up and out disease, if you know what I mean :0(
  • We got bed bugs, double :0(  We think Logan brought them home from school.  We caught it early so we think it is confined to the kids' room.  Know more tomorrow after the bug guy comes.
  • The white car died...again.  Should know by the end of the day if a $100 fix will get it going again or if it is gone for good.
But all of that is okay because...

  • We close on our house on Friday!  Pray for no hang ups!  All the paperwork is at the underwriters for funding.
  • And God is in control and everything good is a gift from HIM!

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter in Prescott

We were able to spend some quality time with Stephen, Kelley, Mason, Mylie, Jennifer and Carter Easter weekend at Stephen and Kelley's home in Prescott. Bert and Stephanie were able to join us on Friday night for dinner but unfortunately had to go home that night.

The kids relaxed watching a movie after playing hard outside.

Hanging with the cousins!

Saturday morning openning their Easter baskets from Grandma Shorty and Grandpa Burp (aka Bert and Stephanie!)

Jen and Carter

Jackson and Mylie

Easter Basket chaos!

Mason hunting for eggs

Moose and Jackson. You can see the fort down below where the kids spent a lot of their time.

Payton and Mylie

Jen, Kelley, Payton, Logan, and Jackson (behind Logan)

I think we found them all! Thank you to the Moose and Stephen for getting up at 6am to hide the eggs so the animals wouldn't run off with them!

Ready, set, GO!

Boy's Birthday Party

I am a little behind, but here are some pictures from the boy's Angry Birds Birthday Party!

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us!