Friday, July 31, 2009

Jackson and his food.

These are the pictures from Jax first eating of his rice cereal. He's doin really well and while he did wake up for a bottle at 4, holy cow he slept till 10 yesterday. I fed him yesterday with Payton paying close attention and after i finished i put the bowl and spoon on the couch and got a little bottle for him and when i got back Payton was feeding him. Holy cow was it cute.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yearbook yourself

theres this website called where you load some pictures in and insert your face into older yearbook photos. Holy cow what fun, its an easy way to kill an hour or 7. enjoy.

jackson is driving the car. :)

can you guess which football players we are

here are my photos

James Jamal Jenkins Jackson Usher which name best suits me as a black dude.




Here are Kristy's





Thursday, July 23, 2009

sea world videos

Here is the gigantic Walrus saying hello.

Awesome little black and white dolphins.

Some highlights from the shamu show.

the shamu night show was amazing. They really upped their shows at night. Pyro., live rock music, great lighting. It was a blast

My favorite animal is the manatee. They are gigantic and clumsy and pretty funny to look at as well as watch but they are still so peaceful and graceful.

The night dolphin show was awesome also.

here's the acrobats at the cirque de la mar show.

they have a show now on the main stage that features drummers, ballet dancers that dance with balls, hoops, ribbons, as well as acrobats and urban dancers. above and below are some snippets from the show.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Greatest Vacation Ever.

Ok this one is gonna be a long one but my awesome wife surprised with a couple day get away to San Diego and Sea World with the help of our awesome parents. When I finally figured out what was going on I cried a little due to complete shock, she planned it all, unreal. It is my top vacation ever. We body surfed on the beach, spent a whole day at sea world, had awesome fish tacos and lobster burritos, twice, swam with the dolphins-in the actual ocean (they came right over to us at pacific beach, there was a whole pod of them coming our way then 3 feet away zooming around us, it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life). God along with Kristy put this all together and I cant thank you both enough. The extra shifts at work, extra tips, half priced san diego room, kids price sea world tickets with extra day, buy one get one free dinners. It couldnt have gone any better. Here are some of the pics and I will post the videos tomorrow.

I love animals, I love taking pictures of animals, it's almost a spiritual life changing experience to see these sea creatures and then to see how the pictures turn out is awesome no joke. this was my fortune from my cookie at panda express for lunch.

The cirque de la mar show was awesome. all acrobats and feats of strength. Kristy really enjoyed it, obviously

Fish tacos, lobster burritos, and then this monstrosity. and this is half eaten!

me body surfing

Friday, July 17, 2009

Jackson 5 months.

It's already been 5 months since our little Jackson was born. Thank you all for supporting us through our struggles the last 5 months. Here is a little Jackson Smackin we call it. He loves it. Kristy laughed so hard she cried.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jackson Bouncin.

Jackson loves his bouncer, at least until his legs get tired and he gets cranky. He is doing really well with it now but he slammed his forehead into it the first time he used it. It was sad but kinda funny. Anyways here are the pix.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I told Kristy I wanted some workout buddies to do this with me, I didnt expect these guys.

So as some of you may know I have been boing these workouts called p90x. It's a 90 day workout plan that is brutal military style workouts and excersizes. Anyways sometimes the kids come in and are bored so they start working out with me. The stretching and yoga poses they do are really cute. Here is a video of them doing the cool down of the plyometrics workout.

The movie, The dinosaur, and the wasp.

Overall it was a really fun day. We took the kids to Desert Ridge to see ice age and they did really well. Payton was pretty freaked out as we walked in and quickly got overwhelmed with the large building and even larger, louder screen but he got over it after a few minutes. Then we went to McDonalds for some play time and the had Ice age toys so they both got dinosaurs. Then later in the night Payton came in screaming pulling at his shirt. We took it off and saw large bites all over his chest and back. There was a dead wasp outside where he had been playing so we assume it crawled in his shirt and bit him repeatedly. After i ran to walgreens and got him some benadryl he was ok. Fun times.

here's the movie ending and the kiddos getting restless.

heres mcdonalds and the dino.

and heres some of the bites