Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Greatest Vacation Ever.

Ok this one is gonna be a long one but my awesome wife surprised with a couple day get away to San Diego and Sea World with the help of our awesome parents. When I finally figured out what was going on I cried a little due to complete shock, she planned it all, unreal. It is my top vacation ever. We body surfed on the beach, spent a whole day at sea world, had awesome fish tacos and lobster burritos, twice, swam with the dolphins-in the actual ocean (they came right over to us at pacific beach, there was a whole pod of them coming our way then 3 feet away zooming around us, it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life). God along with Kristy put this all together and I cant thank you both enough. The extra shifts at work, extra tips, half priced san diego room, kids price sea world tickets with extra day, buy one get one free dinners. It couldnt have gone any better. Here are some of the pics and I will post the videos tomorrow.

I love animals, I love taking pictures of animals, it's almost a spiritual life changing experience to see these sea creatures and then to see how the pictures turn out is awesome no joke. this was my fortune from my cookie at panda express for lunch.

The cirque de la mar show was awesome. all acrobats and feats of strength. Kristy really enjoyed it, obviously

Fish tacos, lobster burritos, and then this monstrosity. and this is half eaten!

me body surfing


pclongfield said...

So happy you both enjoyed your short but well deserved vacation. We enjoyed having the boys with us but were happy you came home safe and sound. I dont know how you keep up with them...I'm tired.
Gramma and Papa

Carrie said...

Wow! Incredible- glad you guys had a nice getaway! Let's get together soon!