Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The movie, The dinosaur, and the wasp.

Overall it was a really fun day. We took the kids to Desert Ridge to see ice age and they did really well. Payton was pretty freaked out as we walked in and quickly got overwhelmed with the large building and even larger, louder screen but he got over it after a few minutes. Then we went to McDonalds for some play time and the had Ice age toys so they both got dinosaurs. Then later in the night Payton came in screaming pulling at his shirt. We took it off and saw large bites all over his chest and back. There was a dead wasp outside where he had been playing so we assume it crawled in his shirt and bit him repeatedly. After i ran to walgreens and got him some benadryl he was ok. Fun times.

here's the movie ending and the kiddos getting restless.

heres mcdonalds and the dino.

and heres some of the bites

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