Monday, April 23, 2012

Been a while...

Well, here is a run down of the last couple weeks.

  • I started back at school, an easy computer class to satisfy a degree requirement
  • Moose is still working both jobs, staying busy!
  • Kids got sick, the up and out disease, if you know what I mean :0(
  • We got bed bugs, double :0(  We think Logan brought them home from school.  We caught it early so we think it is confined to the kids' room.  Know more tomorrow after the bug guy comes.
  • The white car died...again.  Should know by the end of the day if a $100 fix will get it going again or if it is gone for good.
But all of that is okay because...

  • We close on our house on Friday!  Pray for no hang ups!  All the paperwork is at the underwriters for funding.
  • And God is in control and everything good is a gift from HIM!

Thanks for visiting!

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