Friday, March 13, 2009

God answers prayer

Thinking back on the week of Jackson's birth, in the moment, Moose and I couldn't help but worry and see all the bad things happening around us. I shouldn't say bad (the birth of your son could never be bad!) but certainly unexpected. Jackson was 6 weeks early and there was certainly a lot of stress with deciding to go ahead with delivery and having a baby in the NICU. Then to learn about Moose being let go, it almost seemed too much to bear. Now, with being able to look back on the events, all of them have been an answer to prayer. We had prayed for a healthy baby and our prayer was answered. We had also prayed for more time together, in which we got an unexpected answer, but none the less, now we have had lots of! The Bible says everthing is in God's timing and that He knows better than we do. I have a new appreciation for that after Jackson's birth. If we had been able to choose our timing, Jackson would still not be here. But God knew that Jackson would have a better chance of being healthy if he were early. After he was delivered, we learned he had a knot in his cord and it was wrapped around his neck. Had he been full term, he most certainly would have had complications at birth. And the timing of Moose's lay off enabled him to be there for me and Jackson during our hospital stays and for all of us here at home. Otherwise, he would have only been able to take a week and a half off. Although this whole ordeal isn't over yet (we eventually will have to go back to earning money :0)), we have to stand back and appreciate God's timing and answer to prayer. We have to trust that He has a plan for us in all of this that only He knows and that it will be better than what we can invision.

Thank you Lord that you know better than we do. Continue to bless our family and friends around us. Amen.

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Shorty, Mom, Grandma said...

You are such a blessing to me. I am so blessed in knowing that my Grandchildren have such a Christian mother.
I see Jesus in you!