Wednesday, October 8, 2008

16 week ultrasound

No luck on finding out the sex yet! We went to my 16 week OB appt and my doctor asked if we'd like to know what we are having, and I of course said yes! So she snuck me in for a quick ultrasound. She said she had just done another ultrasound at 16 weeks and it was definitely a boy so she thought she'd be able to tell us the sex of ours. But no such luck... The baby was moving around a lot and she could only get quick glimpses of..."that area". She could not see any boy parts (Yeah!) but she didn't feel she could strongly say it was a girl either. So, we wait. We have our
next ultrasound at 19 weeks and as long at he/she cooperates, we should know for sure then! We'll keep you all posted! Otherwise, everything looked good and the heatbeat was strong in the 150's. I'm starting to feel pregnant now, as it is becoming harder to hide! Hope everyone is doing well and is healthy!
Oh yeah, if you can't tell, the top picture is the baby looking straight at you and the bottom one is a profile.

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Kelley said...

Just a little less than two weeks, Can't wait :)