Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holy Christmas!

First off I want to start by saying Thanks to all the friends and family who made Christmas so apecial for Payton and Logan. But holy Christmas. It looks like santa threw up gifts all over the place. These things are huge! And so many. All together they got :
A large train table
An art easel
A basketball goal
A Bowling set
A new tricycle
A Plasma car
A hot wheels mega city
3 Train sets
14 new cars
a digital camera that is child destruction proof
a dance cam that hooks up to a TV and the kids can dance and watch themselves live on the TV (we are also exploring interesting adult uses for this one. well at least that is my thought Kristy just kinda glared at me)
the worlds biggest Mr potato head that contains 4 more regular sized potato heads inside
2 buzz lightyears
2 tents along with 2 crawling tunnels
2 build a bears
and of course some clothes.
(sorry if i forgot anythin.)

all of which are currently using about 317 batteries that will inevitably all go out in the same day.
Like I said thank you to all but there is no more room in the Inn. Next birthday, in March, just batteries.

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