Monday, March 29, 2010

Kids Lie

So this is the conversation Payton and I just had...
(FYI: Moose is at work)

Payton: "Fruit snacks Mom? I want fruit snacks."
I was busy thinking about what he had eaten that day and dressing Jax after a bath, so I didn't answer him right away.
Payton: "Daddy says okay."
Me: "Oh, Daddy says it's okay?"
Payton: "Yeah, Daddy says okay."
Me: "Did you call him?"
Payton: "No."
Me: "Then how do you know Daddy said okay?"
Payton after a moment of thought: "I talk to him."
Me: "How? Where is daddy?"
Payton: "Daddy at work."
Me: "And you talked to him? Did you call him on the phone?"
Payton: "Yeah!"


Leah Jenks said...

but it's still cute

Kathy said...

Ha! It starts early...the good thing is the better they get at lying the better you get at detecting it. This also means you might be entering the "just kidding" phase. Good luck!