Friday, April 9, 2010


What do you do with your old bibles? I can't imagine anyone wanting the ones I've highlighed in and marked up. But I don't think I can throw them away either. And it doesn't seem practical to have 5 or more copies. Any ideas???



Stephanie said...

I have the same problem. My Dad has 7 that Grannie would not get rid of. She has 3 or 4. I have one that was Great grandaddy Blackmons Bible. I have 3. All differant translations. But I can't throw them away. Then there are the ones in the garage that well meaning people have given us to give out. There must be 25. Then there is the spanish Bibles that Bert has managed to accumulate. That's about 12 more.
If you figure it out let me know.

Hartman Happenings said...

Our pastor use to read through a bible each year and make notes and highlights, then he would give it to someone. He said that way when they read it with highlights and notes it helps them pick out verses and maybe understand something they may not have.

Kelley said...

I think you should keep them and pass them on to your children, furture daughter-in-laws, or future grandkids. What a gift to be able to see what stood out to you in God's word. I currently have my grandmothers and Dads. I love to sit and look through them and see there writting and notes, espically my grandmother's. She has amazing handwritting and it makes me miss her and feel close to her all at the same time:) Sorry about the ramble, hope this helps.