Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I met Jesus today

I went to Discount Tire today (twice actually) to have one of my tires checked out. My TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) registered low pressure in the front driver's side tire. The first Discount I stopped at had a 2 hour wait, so I had them put air in it to make it last til I could go to the Discount near where we live. I got home and called them and made an appt. Anyways, later at Discount as I was waiting for them to do their thing, Payton and Logan were looking through their "Jesus book" aka a kid's bible. They got up and started playing David and Goliath. But of course neither one wanted to be Goliath, because if you know the full story (not the kid version), Goliath doesn't just get "hit on the forehead" with a rock, isn't that right Mama! :0). They went back and forth arguing who was going to get to be David when Logan says, "Well, I'm Jesus." He said it several times, "I'm Jesus. I'm Jesus!" I can't even begin to imagine what the rest of the people in the waiting room where thinking! After 1/2 a bag of mini Chips Ahoy cookies, they pulled the car around. We'd picked up a nail somewhere and they were able to fix it for free. Thank you Discount! We've had too many car repairs in the last 2 months!

On another note, Payton had another appointment with his neurologist today. Some of the "tics" were were seeing 4-5 months ago when we had his first appt have subsided, like his obsession with the word "applesause" and making funny noises with his tongue which is good. However, this was the first he'd heard about Payt's fainting/seizure episode which he got stitches in his chin from. He said fainting/seizures are rare for a kid his age and ordered an EEG. I don't know much about them other than it is a non-invasive procedure similar to an EKG and monitors brain activity. That should go well (hint: that was supposed to be sarcastic). I guess it is better safe than sorry and it won't hurt him, so we should be able to talk him through it. Hopefully the person who performs the test is familiar with the challenges of kids like Payton.

A final note, we finally got our computer back from Staples. Would not recommend them, at least not the one near us. It took a full month to get it working again! I called them at one point for an update and they said it was done. So I asked if they had put the operating system back on and if they were able to retreive any of the data. She had to put me on hold, then she came back on to tell me nothing was done in the week they had the disc I brought to them because the person who took it in didn't say anything to the tech department. Then I got a call with an apology saying it would only be another day and that the data retrieval was going well and that they'd put it all on a disc for me. Later that same day, he called back to say there was a "complication" and that all the data was gone. I don't know much about computers, but taht doesn't seem right. He said there was nothing they could do and it was expected to be done the next day. Ugg! Three days later and no call. So I called them, and it was done. Apparantly their phone only takes incoming calls. Maybe I should pray. Apparenly I have some bitterness against Staples :0)

Hope all is well with all your families...


Anonymous said...

Your last comment made me laugh...."Maybe I should pray...I guess I have some bitterness towards Staples." Ha ha!

I just heard at church this week that children have basically decided their relationship with God by the age of 3. That seemed way too young, but I think Logan says it best...."I'm Jesus! I'm Jesus!" You guys are doing such a great job raising your boys! They are lucky to have you as parents!

Love you guys! Kelly

Leah Jenks said...

I wish more adults took on the attitude "I'm Jesus", after all, we may be to someone.

Keep us updated about Payton, I'll see you Saturday!