Friday, December 24, 2010


That is probably the best word for Christmas Eve. Anticipation. A kid waiting for presents. A mom or dad waiting for their child to arrive to town. Preparing to make a large meal. Anticipation. My kids have been up for hours in anticipation for grandma's tonight, which includes opening presents. At 8:45am, I was being persuaded by a 4 and 3 year old to make Jesus cupcakes for Santa and they are now cooling on the counter to be decorated later. Jackson cried until I put his shoes on and he's walking around saying, "Bye, bye? Bye, bye?" As for me? I am in my pajamas writing this blog :0) Much to my kids dismay! I'm not sure what sounds worse. Staying home with three kids or leaving the house with three kids! Boy I wish Moose were home! I guess I better get ready to go. It will be easier to keep them out of the cupcakes if I take them out :0)

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Leah said...

hilarious! Can't wait till we have kids too :)