Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hunt Family Update

Hello all! Can you believe the random rain we got today? Very nice, very nice. Thankfully it waited til this afternoon because we had a lovely time at the Phoenix Zoo this morning. Thanks Sarah and Lila for coming with us! Well, the boys have 3 days of school left and then begins a busy summer. We'll be doing lots of swimming (Payton and Logan are in swim lessons for the month of June) and we plan to go to Harkins Kids Summer Movie Program. They show already released to DVD kid movies at 9:45am through summer (10 weeks) for $7 per person, for all 10 movies. I thought that was pretty reasonable even if I have to walk out of a few. Hopefully Jackson will sit still!

I had a wonderful, exhausting Mother's Day. I worked the previous night, slept a few hours and headed to my mom's for lunch, followed by the Hunt's for dinner. I slept well that night :0)

Here a couple of our zoo pics! Logan and Lila being spiders and Jackson and Lila driving the tractor.

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