Thursday, December 22, 2011

Today I Prayed...

I'll start off by saying I pray more often than just today, but today's prayer was special...

Today I took my RMA (Registered Medical Assistant) exam. I don't need to be registered for my job at the hospital, but I thought it would be a good backup if for some reason I should lose my job and I thought it would look better on my resume for the sonography program. I graduated over a year ago, and I wouldn't say I was nervous, but knew it might be a challege to remember all those little details. So I prayed. I prayed that God would give me the knowledge. I prayed I would pass (it is a $95 test!). I prayed that He would show me I was headed in the right direction. That working full time, going to school, applying to sonography school...that I was where He wanted me to be. That I was doing His will, not just mine. Afterwards, I felt calm and ready to take my test.

Upon checking in, I was given a page full of rules to read. Then the lady behind the desk took my acceptance letter (that I qualified to take the exam) and my ID. I put my palm in a device which apparently maps the veins in your hand for identity. Crazy! Then she took my picture and told me to put all my things in a locker. I was guided back to another room where a man was watching a U-shaped room of cubicles. I was then given more rules to read, my ID was checked again, and double checked against my hand veins, which brought up the picture they other lady had taken of me. He assigned me a computer and a white board for scratch paper and told me if I needed anything to raise my hand.

The first couple of questions were doozies! I thought I'd be lucky to get much above passing. I started to get more questions that I didn't have to think about which raised my confidence. I needed a 70 to pass. There were over 200 questions and I could score 0-99. By the end, I felt like I had passed, but there were questions that I know I just did my best guess. I submitted my test, and waited for the results screen.

I got a 97! A 97 out of 99? That was completely God working! He had not only answered my prayer to pass but gave me a score as to say, "Yes, you are on the path I have chose for you." In the car, I called Moose and gave him the good news. After we hung up, I just cried. I knew only God could have done that. Being out of MA school for over a year and with Physics and Christmas and the kids...I had very little time to study. I have no doubt God spoke to me today through my test. He tells us, "Ask and you shall receive." Well, I am glad I asked!

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