Friday, February 3, 2012

50's Guys!

In my opinion, the guys have it easy. The look includes tight jeans to the ankle, preferably showing white sock (ugg)! Then add a white tshirt and slicked hair and voila! 50's mens fashion. If you want to be uber cool, add a leather jacket.

Check out this kid rocking the black jeans with white socks showing! What were they thinking?! But the popped collar sunglasses are a nice touch.

There isn't too much deviation from the look just mentioned except these next two looks. I'd advise to stay away from these!

Ha, ha! Oh! Exciting news! We will be providing some of the accessories to your outfit at the door when you come to the party (Feb 25th). Girls will receive a scarf in their choice of black, white, red, pink, or purple. And the guys will get their very own carton of candy cigarettes! i can't wait!

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