Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our "Home Improvements"

Well, we had a rather eventful Sunday. We were watching some TV after cleaning the house, when we heard knocking. We realized it was coming from our bedroom. Payton had been watching a movie in there and had shut and locked the door. He doesn't know how to lock/unlock doors so we took the door handle off, but still couldn't get the lock part out. The hinges were on the inside with Payton, so naturally, the next step was to do this...

Moose shouldered the door open and Payton says "Daddy!" He then looks at the door and says, "Oh no!" Smart kid!

So about an hour later, we decided to rearrange the laundry/storage room so we could get to our Christmas decorations. Moose pulled down the ladder to the attic and climbed up. Leah and I started to hand him boxes. We finally decide we are finished, and Moose started to adjust his weight to get to the ladder, when this happens...

Yep...foot right through the ceiling! We are thankful that it was just a foot and not an emergency room visit!

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