Friday, November 14, 2008

Payton and the power of prayer.

If you all can keep Payton in your prayers we would greatly appreciate it. As many of you know he is having a rough time with his speech and tactile therapy and has a doctors appointment in early december with a doctor who specializes in autism and early childhood illnesses. As some of you know it is very hard t owatch a child struggle and do things that just dont make sense and are sometimes painful to watch.
He always seems to be off playing by him self, is having more and more tantrums in public, and is just socially and especially verbally behind. But the parts that are hard to watch is when he gets a small cut or bug bite he picks them until he is sometimes covered in blood because he doesnt want anything on him (which freaks him out even more because nothing can be on his hands) right now he has 4 bandaids on. He also does this thing where he focuses really hard on an object right in front of his face while squeezing it and tensing his whole body, going crosseyed, and stopping breathing. Today I watched him do it off and on for an hour and a half straight and whenever i would try to get him to stop he would go hide to do it. By 11 this morning he was physically exhausted and just sat on the ground in a small ball. It seems these things are just getting worse instead of better and he has even began linning up his toys on a more frequent basis (see pics below). He is a very very smart kid and one of the sweetest i have ever been around, just say a small prayer for him that maybe we can all start making sense of all this and maybe we can stop the tears for all of us. We have began praying with the kids more often and it is amazing the calming effect it has even on someone this young. Thanks, love you all.

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Kelley said...

We will be prayering daily for Payton and both you and Kristy, I know this is not easy to talk about with everyone. Just know that we stand by you and are here whenever you guys need anything, and yes he is one of the sweetest little boys I know. Love you guys, Kelley, Steve, and Mason