Saturday, January 10, 2009

Results from Friday...

Well, the day went better than we could hope for. We went to the school district meeting thinking that Payton was going to go through about 2 hours of evaluations and testing to determine if he qualifed for special education preschool. We brought along the final report from Payton's visit with the developmental specialist we saw in early December (which just happened to arrive in our mailbox on Thursday). With her report, we were able to skip the initial evaluations. He still had vision and hearing tests, in which he passed, but we were only there for about an hour. We were told that he will more than likely qualify for special education preschool, but they need to do more in depth evaluations in speech, language, cognitive, social/emotional, and adaptive behavior to be able to "assess his current needs" and place him in the best classroom for him. So we are waiting to receive a call to schedule an appointment.

With the DDD appt., we thought he was, again, going to have an evaluation. Turns out that the same visit with the developmental specialist saved us again. We signed a couple dozen pieces of paper and that was it! Yeah!

Thanks again to everyone who said prayers for us. We truly are grateful. Love you all!

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