Friday, January 16, 2009

What did we do?

I know it sounds bad but with our every waking hour consumed by children and planning for the new one we cant help but start to wonder...what the heck did we do before we had kids? Well, based soley on old pictures, because it seems like ancient history we would do all the normal things couples did, movies, dates, late night ice cream trips, trips out of town for no reason even though you didnt have the money. I didn't think we traveled all that much but when I look back at the list I guess we did:
San diego, anaheim, and san fran California, Utah, sedona, Las Vegas, jacksonville, st augustine, daytona, orlando, miami, alabama, tennessee, georgia, cozumel, and surrounding islands, mexico
Try it, take a look at the old photo albums (or digital picture files for sll you hip kids out there who dont know what albums are), i bet you will find some pictures you forgot about. great memories. Here are some of ours.
Jacksonville, Fl. 2003
2002 utah rainbow bridge
2005 Sedona biplane tour when i blew chunks on sedona
kristy's 21st birthday cruise. this might be the omly time i didn't have a drink in my hand. :) look at us all tan and sexy. dadgum my wife is hot.
2003 Alabama trip we drove with Faye and Furman and my grandma to see the braves.

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Kristy said...

Some of those pictures even had Moose with hair!! :0) Love you honey :0)