Friday, April 17, 2009

"...forced me to assert my chickness..." an odd day at the ball game

Don't get me wrong it was a great day at the Cardinals dbacks game and usually i am not a negative person but there is one sure way to throw me off for the rest of the day and thats change a definite, always the same routine. I am just such a structured, ocd, beast that when the things get changed my whole day gets thrown off. We arrived at the park for batting practice with an eager anticipation of seeing Albert Pujols hit. It is always the same routine at the games Dbacks BP then the visitors BP then each pitcher warms up then stretching, national anthem, play ball.
It was really, really windy which was fine while we were in the sun but a fact that later forced me to assert my chickness and put my arms in the sleeves of my short sleeve shirt. So we went up to Fridays front row to eat and watch Batting Practice. One of the dbacks hit one up into fridays right next to us hitting a guys plate full of food shattering it into 32 pieces throwing food everywhere. For me this was just the start. The cardinals decided they were to good for batting practice and skipped it. Are you freakin kidding me? Now my life is in chaos. Oh no, there is extra time before the game. when will the pitchers warm up? When will first pitch be? And why in the hell is everyone wearing number #42. What kind of weird time warp game freakish situation am i in? Well it turns out that it was Jackie Robinson day at all the ballparks and mlb decided to change every ones uniform number to #42, EVERYONE. So here is how the scoring went on a double play ball.
The pitcher #42 pitches to #42 who hits it to the shortstop #42 who flips it to the second baseman #42 who tags second making the baserunner #42 out then throws on to first caught by #42. After that the pitcher #42 was taken out by the coach #42 and relieved by the pitcher from the bullpen #42. Are you freakin kidding me.
Well then it was all a debacle past that. The dbacks got spanked, I wanted to see albert pujols and he finally got pitched to in the 7th inning after 2 walks and a weak fly out he came up and hit a home run or so i thought (watch the video). I got a big ole vat of nachos and ran out of freakin cheese. Not to be a negative Nefertiti but I just felt so feshuvvled. Overall it was a really good date though. Kristy and I got out of the house for 6 hours with Jackson for his first baseball game. I just need to stop coming in to situations with expectations and then i will never be disappointed.

here is #5 Albert Pujols ohhhhh sorry #42 albert pujols

Cheese, cheese for my lonely nachos

Here is a video of #42 Albert Pujols Home Run well not, whatever.

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Kristy said...

When did you take a picture of your freakin' nachos! Stinkin' bloggers... :0)