Saturday, April 25, 2009

No more mooseticles.

Well it is done and it hurts like heck. Bruised and swollen if you want i can post pictures. I can also dispell some old wives tales for you so i wont get asked anymore.
1. no they are not in a jar next to the bed.
2. no my voice is not higher pitched if anythin it's deeper like batman from the dark knight.
3. yes getting the little general and his 2 privates shaved by a cute young hispanic nurse is as awkward as you might expect
4. the specimin jars are way to big
5. never ever get a pee pee surgery with tourettes syndrome. if you aint twitching you are cursing. (hey i can blame it on tourettes right.)
all right now for the pictures scroll down

a little lower

a little further down

almost there

all right there no pictures you sick freaks. if you scrolled all the way down here you have problems.

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