Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Post Holidays

Well, things have pretty much settled down here. The new toys have found their spots in the house. Three trash bags full of toys and clothing made it's way out to make room (actually, not quite...they are still in the back of my car, but they are out of the house!) Now that things have settled, I enrolled in two online classes this semester which start Jan 15th. Yikes! Why did I do that? The short answer is to continue moving forward in my education. But it still scares me a little since I've never completed an online class (the only other one I signed up for a while back was a computer class. And you really shouldn't learn about computers through a computer!) Anyways, I am taking Racial and Ethnic Minorities to fill my cultural requirement and Anatomy & Physiology, which terrifies me because I know it is going to be A LOT of memorization! I think I will be going through many flash cards! I've also started boxing classes! My first time was Tuesday and my personal trainer Harrison (a professional boxer, I might add) kicked my butt! Today, it hurts to do anything! Lifting Jackson, laying down, breathing...okay so I may have exaggerated a little. My next appointment is tomorrow. I asked Moose today, "Will I feel better tomorrow? Because if I don't I think my limbs just might fall off." He thinks I am a wimp. He didn't say that, but I am thinking that, so he must be too :0) Wish me luck for tomorrow and if I don't blog within a week, you know I must have died during my workout!

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha Kristy! At least were sore from an actual boxing session with a personal trainer. Robert and I played boxing on the XBox Sports game and I woke up in the middle of the night because my upper back and arms were sore! Good luck on your next session! I guess I have to start working out or something or Moose might change his mind about who would win if we got in a fight. Hahaha!

Love you,