Thursday, March 1, 2012

50's Fun...The Main Event!

Here are some of the pictures from my mom's 50th Birthday Party!

Boys being boys!

The whole gang!

Mom, Dad, Me and Kelly (In case you are wondering, Robert, Kelly's husband, got all these fabulous 50's diner bars you see in the pics! Thanks, Robert!)

Uncle Richard with eyebrows and Cory with a mustache!

Mom and Dad lookin good...

Ryan and Robert rocking the stashes and candy cigarettes...

Dave and Diane (my mom's parents)

Elaine with Roger in the background (my Dad's parents), and Jackson

Dad and Jerry lookin tough!

Mom rockin out with my boys before the party

This video is Nancy, Cindy and Dave doing Twister to break a three way tie for movie tickets from Mom's "How Well Do You Know Patty" quiz.

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