Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thank you everyone.

Yesterday was awesome. Our small group threw me a suprise paintball/swim party. Thank you to all who came and helped make it such a special day. Especially Stephen and kelley for all they did. You guys rock (and stephen sorry i shot you in the face, well kinda :)
And i want to say something special to my kristy. Thank you so much for being such an incredible wife and mother and making this such a special birthday. You are so beautiful and strong and loving that sometimes I feel i dont deserve you and all the wonderful ways you love me. You looked amazing last night I just got to busy and overwhelmed by all the people and food to tell you that, typical guy right. I will never forget this birthday in a way i never thought i could. San diego, sea world, ocean and dolphins, shrimp and fish tacos, body boards, shark week, baseball cards, shooting and getting shot with paint, party tonight and later with your family, our date tomorrow, rock climbing, golf, ufc, getting to swim with my beautiful boys (you have given me such a beautiful family). We've done more in the last 2 weeks than most people do all year and it's all because of how much you love me. I dont tell you nearly enough how incredible you are and how i cant even imagine how incomplete my life would be if that shy little youth group girl hadn't called one afternoon and interupted my nap to ask me out. :) You started changing my life for the better from day 1 and i cant wait to see where we are in a year. We take it for granted but a lot of couples dont make it through what weve been through in the last year. Very rough times with a "special" little boy, rough christmas, loosing my last grandparent, a preemie baby, nicu visits, loosing my job, loosing our pastor. It would be easy to play the blame game and to leave the other one down when we fell but we don't, you don't, you are always there to pick me back up and we keep fighting, together. Thank you for being so strong and most of all for loving me in a way i could have never imagined. You are my hero!

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Kristy said...

I have the best hubby! I love you, baby. Happy 30th Birthday!