Sunday, November 15, 2009

Missing Wedding Rings

I always take off my rings when I shower. I don't like my hair to get caught in the prongs and my lotion always makes them filthy. I put them on the bathroom counter where I will remember to put them back on after I lotion. And that is exactly what I did two days ago, except that Payton was in the bathroom with me and saw me take them off. So, of course, that's what he wanted to play with. I took them away from him and when he wasn't looking, I put them in the same place, but under a washcloth. Later that day, I realized I hadn't put my rings back on after showering. I didn't think anything about it because it's not uncommon for me to forget them. Out of sight, out of mind. So this morning, I went looking for them, and they were gone!! I knew exactly who moved them. Payton has always enjoyed the bathroom. Lots of stuff to get into. In fact, the previous night, I had fished a brand new unraveled roll of toilet paper out of the toilet that had been forgotten to be flushed. And that was my first thought this morning when I realized they were missing. I looked all around the bathroom, but did not find them. I started to cry because I just knew my rings were in the city sewer system!! After church, we had lunch. I went to the bathroom and found signs that Payton had been there again! I keep a formula divider on the counter for Jackson's middle of the night bottle and I noticed that the faucet was dripping and that he had filled the divider (that still had formula in it) with water. Slightly frustrated, I took the divider to the kitchen to clean it out. As I am washing it out, I hear a clank in the sink! I was able to reach down into the disposal and sure enough...There was my wedding ring!! Yeah! At that point I was so relieved to find my wedding ring that I didn't really care if I found my other ring. But when I stuck my finger into the formula mud still stuck in the divider, I found the other ring! Yes!!! So, I think I will be putting my rings in my jewelry box instead of leaving them on the counter.

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Aalina Eden said...

In addition to discovering my ring in the cushions of the couch, I also found three pretzels, two Skittles and an questionable peanut that I fed to the dog.
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