Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ironman and the Diaper Disaster

I took the kids to Scottsdale Fashion Square 2 days ago to play. When we go there, we always have to visit the Disney Store which is only a few doors down from Moose's store. While there, Payton discovered Ironman. And he is in love! It's funny because he has never seen or heard of Ironman before! Well, I didn't want to just buy him the toy so now he is earning money to buy his beloved Ironman. He is adorable! He gets giddy when he talks about buying it and Moose and I have been using this to our advantage! Moose made a chart of 16 squares and everytime he does something around the house, he gets paid and a square colored in on the chart. He won't raise all the money by himself because I want him to see a light at the end of the tunnel but we also wanted to show him that we have to work for what we want. So he has helped unload the dishwasher, put soap in the laundry and switch the loads, and it is amazing how quickly he cleans up his toys. I know why so many kids get spoiled because I want to go out and buy him that toy now! Maybe next weekend would be enough time...

So on to the diaper disaster...I am at the mall, with no diapers. Jax had pooped and it was coming out the side. Wonderful. What would you do? Well, I went to the bathroom and grabbed a stack of paper towels (the pull out one at a time kind) about a half inch thick. There were also the rolled kind, so I waved my hand over the sensor several times to get a long piece. I thought about changing him there, but I could imagine myself walking through Scottsdale Fashion Square with a half naked baby...or one all rolled up in paper towels. So I stuffed my loot into my purse and headed out to the car. In the cargo space, I cleaned him up the best I could with dry paper towels, put the remaining stack over his "area", and wrapped the long piece around his waist to keep it all in place. I laid a blanket on his seat and buckled him in hoping that he wouldn't pee. Or at least that I had done enough so I didn't have to take apart his carseat to wash it. Well, no such luck...I ended up doing just that. So, I'm not sure what I could have done different, but that is how not to make a diaper.
P.S. I now have a hefty stash of extra diapers in my car!!

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