Friday, May 28, 2010

Moving...and some random thoughts

Well, it is 7 days away...We will be packing up our stuff and moving across town. Moving to a larger place was much easier, but having to consolidate and sell stuff so we can fit into a 3 bedroom apartment has been interesting. But we are excited about our new place! We will meet new people and I know the boys are going to live at the pool all summer! Especially Moose! :0)

Well, it was brought to my attention that I never gave a follow up to Ironman. Payton "earned" enough money after about a week and we took him to Target and bought an Ironman riding a motorcycle. It was difficult trying to explain that he couldn't afford the big Ironman. He only had enough money for the little Ironman. It was still cute when he handed his bag of money to the cashier! (We didn't make her count all the coins!) :0)

School for me is going well. Just finished my EKG and Clinical Procedures classes and all I have left are Medication Administration, Phlebotomy, then my Externship! It is going so fast and I am not sure if I am emotionally ready to begin searching for a real job in September. I've got a few more months to think about it.

Moose is moving his store this week...again. Hopefully the new spot will still have as much traffic as the last one and that they get to stay there a while longer.

Payton and Logan are out of school for the summer. Poor kids...their routine is going to be so off this next week with no school then the move. We've already started to prep them...but I am sure they don't realize what "move houses" really entails. We are just going to prep and pray!

On a side note, we are still trying to find new homes for Lily and Winston (the turtle). We'd like to find someone by word of mouth versus posting an ad. We want to be sure they go to safe, happy homes.

Well I guess that all folks. Sorry there are no pics...Jax got hold of the digital camera and now Best Buy has to fix it! :0) See ya all soon...

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