Saturday, May 8, 2010


I had a great shopping day today! Our house was bone dry. We had almost nothing to eat and I filled the house for $150. I don't think that was too bad, since that will last us 2 weeks or so. Here are some of the deals I got using Coupon Sense...

  • 6 - 4 roll packages of Marcal toilet paper --free
  • 2 bags of Chex mix -- free
  • 3 bags of Bugles -- free (Moose was excited!)
  • 2 boxes of instant pasta salad mix-- free (but I had to buy 2 boxes of pasta @ $1.49 each)
  • 4 bags of Steamfresh microwavable frozen veggies -- free
  • 3 Nivea body washes -- free
  • 1 Physicians Formula Bronzer/highligher/eyeshadow --clearanced at $3.99 (originally $15.99)
  • 1 vanilla -- $2.39 because I needed it

Total with tax: $11.39
Savings: $72.60!!

  • 2 brownie mixes -- free
  • 4 cake mixes -- free
  • 4 frostings -- free (they had them buy 2 get 3 free! Then I added coupons, and since they will take coupons on the free items, I got them all FREE!)
  • 1 box Ziploc storage bags -- $.49 (in ad coupon making it $1.49, limit 1. Then added my coupon from the newpaper)
  • 3 Del Monte 4 pack fruit cups -- $.49 (again, in ad coupon made them $1.49, then add my newspaper coupons)
  • 3 boxes of Capri Sun pouches and 2 Welches Grape juice --$2.00 (had coupons for each product and Safeway has a juice promo buy 5 save $5.00)

Total: should have been around $5.00 but I wasn't paying attention and they didn't take off the $5.00 for the juice promo. Even still I paid $10.50 including tax which was a savings of 82%!

I finished up my grocries at Fry's. There I got...

  • 1 bag Kroger baby carrots -- $.33
  • 1 Bag Lay's potato chips--free
  • 4 boxes Raisin Bran cereal--$1.22 each
  • 2 watermelons--$2.77 each
  • 3 milks--$1.68 each
  • 3 Sunny Delights --Free
  • 1 Frenches mustard 20 oz--$1.00
  • 5pk Kraft MacNCheese $3.49 (box had coupon on outside for free Capri Sun)
  • 2 Capri Sun--Free (lady in front of me at check out gave me the coupon off her MacNCheese too! Score!)
  • Plus $5.50 off my frozen food purchase (Fry's mailed me this coupon, probably because we spend too much of frozen foods!)

There was much more to this list, a lot of the stuff was not on sale but I needed it (like those frozen meals!). Another reason I shop mostly at Fry's is to get $.10 off per gallon (when you spend $100 in groceries) at their gas stations. I filled up the other day at only $2.61 a gallon!

Total: $125.15

Saved: $80.08 (39%)

I love Coupon Sense! There is nothing better than getting stuff you can use for free!!

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Carrie said...

Wow Kristie! I am impressed! I will have to check it out ~ Hope you are all doing well!