Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby Jackson

Jackson is doing very well! He is completely off oxygen and they are hoping to take his IV out tomorrow morning. He was on Bili lights for jaundice for a day, but his bilirubin levels went down so he is done tanning :0). He needs to be able to take all his feedings orally and gain weight before he can come home. Right now, he gets too tired to finish feeding and has to get the rest through the tube in his nose. Here are some recent pics...(if you are wondering what's on his head, that is his IV. He pulled out the one in his hand and it is actually pretty common to place IV's in baby's heads. It just looks scary!)
This is the most recent picture from this afternoon
He's got a little smile! And since they moved the IV, he can wear clothes now!

This picture was before he pulled out the IV from his hand.

He looks so long! Here are his little black feet after doing his footprints.

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The Dorcy Diaries said...

Jackson is so adorable! So glad to hear he is getting closer to going home! So happy for you guys!